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Let's get down to the heart of the matter. Feel more to feel less, lest we forget.

All songs written, produced, performed, recorded and mixed by Jon Markson

Mastered by Scott Craggs at Old Colony Mastering (www.oldcolonymastering.com)

Art by Mike Gulotta


released February 29, 2012

Jon Markson - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Sequencing, Sound Design

Saara Untracht-Oakner - Vocals (Bones as Gifts)

Find Saara's awesome tunes at www.youcanbeawesley.com and at saarasays.bandcamp.com

Vagary is inspired by a song written by Unique New York (Jon Markson, Harry Zobel Jr., Jared Diamond, James Frydrych)



all rights reserved


Community of Living Things New London, Connecticut

My name is Jon Markson. Welcome to the "Community of Living Things". Make yourself at home.

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Track Name: Bones as Gifts
Dad can you help me? I think my heart's growing weak
My gait was arrested and my knees buckled beneath me
As I stood by her doorway just to see if she was there
When I knew she was there from the smell in the air

I knew it when
Right away it hit
Pulled me closer in
Like it I can't avoid
How it should have been
Threw me off from sense
I've got ideas in my head
And I knew it then
But couldn't say it then

In a day its December and she's since forgotten her keys
Our clothes came off quickly while the neighbors just gleaned at the look on her eyelids as they peeled back from her skin to reveal what's within as it always has been

Signs collect
We were made for this
Give your bones as gifts
From when you were a kid
As our eyes reflect
Bouncing back without
Forming sounds using our mouths
Graveyard orange lens
Blankets us instead
Track Name: Then Again
It's Friday at noon and you're inside my bed again
By Sunday at noon you'll be out of my head again


It's Tuesday at noon and I'm thinking of beer again
And by Thursday at noon I'll be holding my chest again
Track Name: Vagary
And I'm trying to get away from that grimace on your face
But I can't see you anymore now