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So, a storm of life happened and I'm set back a month. None to fear, the final 2 EP's in this year-long journey are here on a delayed schedule, with "May" being released in early July. Enjoy and thank you.

All songs produced, recorded, and mixed by Jon Markson.
Additional production on OMGaDJ by Will Brown.

Words written by whoever spoke them, courtesy of Fameless Fam (Exquisite Corpse, F. Virtue, Jon Markson) www.famelessfam.com

Mastered by Scott Craggs (www.oldcolonymastering.com)

Art by Mike Gulotta


released June 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Community of Living Things New London, Connecticut

My name is Jon Markson. Welcome to the "Community of Living Things". Make yourself at home.

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Track Name: Arrows Row (feat. Exquisite Corpse)
The package
I sent you
Will get there in the middle of tomorrow night.
Contains flames
that you
used to play catch with
so before you open it
open your window
cuz the arrow's coming through it
Then open your heart up
Cuz that's where it lands
Kill you right where you stand - not out of malice.
Just breath as a challenge
Your God could kill you if he wanted to
And if I was the sign he sent
Then I killed you out of love.
Guess I just felt that it was the right time;
Maybe I felt like there was no wrong time.

Empowerment will come in a form you won't expect
Once you find it you will never settle for less
Break the void and open your voice
Forever sunk into this limitless field of choice.
When I discovered you were no longer in the yellow pages,
I decided everyone's other side is a fellow matrix.
Do we die for them if we get old enough?
Show em that we spent a lot of time relaxing, but it's your mind reacting.
When you approach Exquisite, no more acting.
And with the golden physics stones are cracking.
Into phones we're yapping.
Intafada, the holy father lends me a bullet or two, will it matter if we don't know who we killed?

Yeah it will.

The package (consider this your warning, cuz by morning there will be no proof that you ever existed, forging your signature, fingerprint eternally torn).

I sent you (why would we, why would we, why would we keep you as a pawn when you turn your brain off as opposed to on. Why would we, why would we keep you when we know it's wrong?)

Will get there (take a couple seconds to wish it all back, witness your past, and wish it all back).
Track Name: nothing happened
I sit a sprawl leaning gigantic, a fitting end to the wind
I can hardly feel my jaw raising for the side of a lens
I said to you "What's wrong?" but only for the sound of your voice
We could hardly get the words out. Not by fear or by choice

Touching tearful on the rim of a glass
Pushing buttons for a sign from The Appleseed Cast
Do a number on me, I need it from you
Lighting rods and vacuums, I've got a knife and a side to lose

I sit a sprawl leaning gigantic, a fitting end to the wind
I can hardly feel my jaw raising for the side of a lens
Track Name: OMGaDJ (feat. Virtue)
There’s nothing to know next
Wobble bass everything, fist pumping to bro step
Seen DJ’s play the grammy awards
With CDJ’s and casio chords

Casio watches all I can afford
Light beer in tight gear, sunglasses indoors
Spiked hair will grab the mic there and rhyme
Kickin’ frees in fit tees after white lines

and if it makes you dance looser
you’ll have a false sense you feel a producer
seduces a primates need for fire
and getting closer to that heat makes it seem inspired

so grind, blunt slide, or feeble
most white kids ain’t never seen a street needle
for those composed of only trying to fuck her fast:
who’s your favorite author, neil strauss or tucker max